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We source top talent for 70% less than UK hires

We are a recruitment agency that finds the best overseas remote developers for your company

Image by Arif Riyanto

Top talent for less


Save up to 70% on salary costs; hire an amazing developer for just £11,000


Use the savings to access the top 5% developer talent


Avoid UK skills shortages and outgrow your competition

Our amazing candidate pool


Perfect fluency in written and spoken English


Work conducted in UK timezone (or blend if you prefer)


Experienced in working remotely for big brands

Image by Christin Hume
Image by Marvin Meyer

Let us find your next developer


Years of experience hiring technology employees in the Malaysian market


Team of expert recruiters based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Rigorous AI-based skills testing and in-person screening

How does it work?


Tell us who you are looking for (development, engineering)


We screen and interview candidates and present the best three to you


You interview for fit and make an offer; we charge a one-time flat fee


You get a 100 day satisfaction guarantee on your new hire

How much can I save?

Mid-level machine learning engineer

Top end salary in Malaysia: £20,000 /year

69% saving
Image by KOBU Agency

Junior front end developer

Top end salary in Malaysia: £11,000 /year

64% saving
Image by Dan Nelson

Mid-level cybersecurity engineer

Top end salary in Malaysia: £17,500 /year

60% saving

Let's work together

We'll find you the best overseas developers for 70% less

Image by Hack Capital
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